Saturday, June 03, 2006

OK...thats me on the left, with N, S and B. I'll just start. I'd like to track progress on two fronts running and pottery. My sister wanted me to write something meaningful for my 50th birthday, but I never got started.. so perhaps I should try a third thread...thoughts.

Ran for only 40 minutes today at about 9:30 pace as I needed to get back to accompany B to the bootsale. As the nettles are getting deeper in the field, Nelly and I ran up the road then down Long Walk to the train wood and back... ouch ouch ouch in the field... nettles on return!

I couldn't figure out why the pattern size on my naked raku is getting smaller and smaller, despite trying different specific gravities, so I made up new resist slip and glaze today. I can then test both the new with the old of each and determine what is bad. I suspect it is the glaze - perhaps the alkali frit has deteriorated, precipitated out or something..... I taped about 6 porcelain bowls and vases, the rest I'll incise with a stick. I finished up the burnishing on three T-material and porcelain, porcelain dipped vases. The terra sigalatta had turned green, I hope the algae will burn off in the bisque firing.

So working to improve running and pottery - I guess that's a start.