Saturday, February 21, 2009

One of those magical harmonic convergences - an unusually warm and fair meterological system coincided with my visit to northern Idaho to visit family and my first time downhill skiing in 10 years - It was amazing! And being with my two sisters and Missi's family was really fun. I'm the oldest, and Linnie, the social one, now writes charity grants to support women with a church in LA, and Missi, the driven one, is now an English and Economics teacher in Sandpoint Idaho.

We grew up in a ski area, Breckenridge, Colorado. My husband and I met and fell in love skiing. It used to be a passion - I was on one ski team or another team through university. And then we had kids and moved away from Colorado, and it got so expensive and the kids went on trips with their friends instead of us...

I just forgot how amazing it feels, the thrill and the laughs.

When we stopped for lunch mid-afternoon, my legs were tired and my feet hurt. (Whoever designs ski boots is a sadistic bastard!) Limping to our table in the sunshine on the lodge deck, we knew we weren't kids anymore, but we'd forgotten it that morning.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Snow Day

London came to a standstill yesterday after about 6 in of snow fell - the most in 18 years! When trains were working again today, I made my way into work, running through Hyde, Green and St James parks to work. VERY slippery underfoot where it had been packed down and refrozen, so I ran in the deep stuff... well relatively.

There was more snow on the south side of London, and colleague from work sent me photos of Ashford Station, where he waited for a train that never arrived. Even today, there were very few people in the office!