Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mom's birthday Amazon certificate went to buy a fantastic bread Book - Tartine. And we've had great success baking it in my pottery kiln.  But its agony now as I'm trying to limit carbs to keep control of my eating... How I miss bread!

End of the Road Festival

Aptly named this year as it will be the last time we go.  While the bands, setting and comedy was great, there are just too many people now. Add to that the disco music after the live music ended at midnight to 3am was just unbearable in the campervan. By Sunday the sleep deprivation was caught me sleeping on the grass at midday!

But, it was a great way to spend the weekend with Nick and Ali - meeting up at random times; Ali and me for massages at the Healing Retreat, and Nick's guiding us through the sea of tents to tour his huge teepee. We could enjoy Nick's friends, then wander off to see something else and meet up again. Texting though the days to rendez-vous at favorite band's performances and relaxing in the sunshine saving a good place before the next show.   I missed a few bands I'd planned to see because I couldn't drag myself away from the comedy.  Some real surprises - I liked "Midlake", and disappointments - "She Keeps Bees" were loud and we ran away when they started.

When the rain came in as Ali left on Sunday, we braved it out for a while and felt blessed that it had held off as long as it had. Nat and Abbey looked miserable in their flip flops and windbreakers while I sat cosy in my down parka.

So next year we're going to try a different music festival - maybe WOMAD?