Sunday, January 03, 2016

Goodbye Nelly

12 December 2015
After a rapid decline over a week with daily visits to our wonderful vet Kevin, we had to let our sweet Nelly go.   A huge hole in the fabric of our lives, that will take some time to grow around. Lots of tears, but she'll be remembered as our friend - Billy's ever present companion, Toni's running pal, and the reason we saw so much of the UK in the van.  A beautiful and sweet natured dog, followed everywhere with billowing shed fur.  We'll miss you Nelly.

Nick and Kat's Wedding Party

20 June 2015

After the legal event in the Peak District with just parents and sibs, the party was really a fantastic event - with a Frontier theme. Neighbours agreed to parking next door and Martin, the farm manager,  agreed to camping and a big tent in the hay field behind the house.

Blake and I did a dawn raid on a nearby field to pick wild daisies, and Kat added some from our garden.

 Ali and Blake worked on the cakes.
 100 guests in all - Coyboys, Indians and even a cactus!

Sadly Grandpa Harvey fell ill a week before, so the grandparents had to cancel their plans to attend. The big surprise Owl flying in to deliver the rings was comical, and pretty much a FAIL - after a thunderstorm, he would not leave the perch! But everyone got to admire all the other birds they brought along.

Nick and Kat laughed about their meeting and made vows. Nick's comments about Ali even made her cry.

 The band played ceilidh folk music, and I worried about tent poles collapsing on impact with frantic dancers, but it was still standing when Billy and I got back from the hotel where we stayed the night.

Everyone took a mug home, and the guest who travelled the furthest was from Blake who acted as MC!