Wednesday, June 18, 2008

20 weeks before the WWH Mendip Muddle

Photos from Cornwall and a week long trip Billy and I took walking the coastal path in May. It was great and I got a couple of days in a throwing class from a master, Joanna Howell. Joanna is a great teacher and I finally have learned how to properly wedge and knead clay - and the secret to throwing with porcelain - use thick slip not water!!!

But now it is 20 weeks to the Phedippidations Half Marathon - so enough of the life of leisure, its time to get back to training. I've enjoyed this week putting my training plan back on buckeyeoutdoors and planning how to be stronger this year, so that I won't be injured in hill training, like I was last year.

I bought Liz's suggestion for the "Body Sculpting Bible" (and have been the victim of vicious teasing at home). Neera helping me to work out a lifting routine to do at work... I'm going to approach training differently this year. One day running alternated with one day lifting.

And the diet in the book looks reasonable too. I can have oatmeal and protein powder for breakfast, a big salad with tuna and lentils for lunch, and lean meats/fish and veg for dinner.
After 10 weeks on Nigel's 10 in 10 Challenge, I only lost two pounds... but the timing just wasn't right with holidays, travelling and the a really busy spell at work. Now that my goal race is in view, I really think that staying focused (and skipping the ice cream and sweets) will just make that spare tyre melt away. Well, that's the plan anyway.