Saturday, September 26, 2009

I totalled Billy's Honda today. Pretty shaken up, thank God I was wearing a seat belt. It just happened so fast - probably my fault, but I really can't explain the lapse. Mostly I'm just incredibly thankful that no one was injured in the car I rear-ended!

The Honda's locked in the recovery yard now, we'll probably never see it again. It isn't as bad as this photo, but I'm sure our insurance will say that it's not worth repairing all the damage.

The little to-do tasks and niggling worries that were churning in my brain (& probably contributed to my lack of concentration) vaporised with the shock of impact and the horror of what-ifs after the accident. I'm not sure I trust myself to get behind a wheel again, yet I don't know if I could bear the lack of independence. Could I really just walk or run or ride my bike, beg rides or take public transport from now on? Whew... need to think about it.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Chalfont St Giles 10k
Nick, Nelly and I ran in our little village fair 10k today. It was sunny and pretty hot (65 degrees) for Nelly in her fur coat, but I carried a bottle of water just for her. Nick ran with me (and kept me running up the hills) for the first 5K and then blasted off on his own for the second. I improved my time from two years ago by 8 minutes! (58:04 on my garmin which I stopped for the water stop as Nelly needed a break)
There was a pretty good set of hills in the first half, but the second was a nice easy drop along the Misbourne river. Nick whined (" I hate running!"),as usual, on the way down to the start and about his late night and dehydration, but admitted after the run that he enjoyed it and was now looking forward to the Oxford Spires 10k we're running in 5 weeks for the World Wide Festival of Races. And I promised to vacuum all the dog fur out of the back of his car.