Saturday, September 26, 2009

I totalled Billy's Honda today. Pretty shaken up, thank God I was wearing a seat belt. It just happened so fast - probably my fault, but I really can't explain the lapse. Mostly I'm just incredibly thankful that no one was injured in the car I rear-ended!

The Honda's locked in the recovery yard now, we'll probably never see it again. It isn't as bad as this photo, but I'm sure our insurance will say that it's not worth repairing all the damage.

The little to-do tasks and niggling worries that were churning in my brain (& probably contributed to my lack of concentration) vaporised with the shock of impact and the horror of what-ifs after the accident. I'm not sure I trust myself to get behind a wheel again, yet I don't know if I could bear the lack of independence. Could I really just walk or run or ride my bike, beg rides or take public transport from now on? Whew... need to think about it.


LSH said...

Hello, I listen to you regularly on Runner's Round Table. So sorry to read about your accident and very glad that you walked away from it. Best regards, Lisa

Petraruns said...

I am so sorry to hear about this accident Toni - you know it has happened to me, though not quite as dramatically. I rear-ended someone once when I was jet-lagged and probably too tired to drive - certainly not concentrating enough. Don't wait too long to get back into the car - just a little drive around the neighbourhood will do provided you're physically up to it - just so you don't build up this massive thing about it.

babciaruns said...

Relax, breath and good to know no one was seriously injured. Now, just get back on that horse.
Take care,

Krister said...

Sorry to hear about your accident. From similar experience I think I know the feelings and thoughts that's in your mind. It's scary. But given some time, the anxiety will fade and you'll end up a better and safer driver.
Take Care

Krister said...

I'll be running the 10k distance, at the dream inspires event. Looking forward to meeting you there.

Stuart said...

Glad to hear everyone is ok, I can only imagine the paperwork, but you need to get back in the saddle!

Gary Wall said...

Toni, I wish I had read your blog before we met on Sunday so that I could have said how glad I am you are OK. You will be that much of a better driver for it now. Look after yourself until we meet again.

Mark said...

Sorry to hear of your accident, too, Toni.

Hopefully you being a native American didn't factor in (it CERTAINLY would for me, when I run in the U.K. I've found myself frequently looking the wrong-way and nearly being taken-down).