Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wow, I got to meet one of my heroes today - Adam Tinkoff of the Burning Twenty podcast!

It was initially a bit strange. I know so much about him, yet I'm just a lowly fan, but he was incredibly warm and engaging and soon we were chatting like old friends meeting up after a long absence!

On a beautiful cool sunny day, we ran for a hour stopping off to do the tourist thing at the Albert Memorial and Diana Fountain in Hyde Park... but I barely noticed the 5 miles.

Adam has boundless energy but approaches life/running/business with a very relaxed and human view, his optimistic outlook was infectious and I understand why people perk up when he's around or they listen to his podcast. A very genuine guy.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, its that time again. Resolutions....

1) Train for the White Peak Swift Half Marathon in Matlock on 19 May 2007.

Copying Steve Runner from Phedippidations podcast, I'm trying a modified Hanson training plan, which has over 500 miles to run over the next 20 weeks. Starting at 6 mi/week and peaking at 37 mi/week in week 17. It is an ambitious plan, with almost twice the weekly mileage of the WWH plan we used last Oct, so I'm going to allow myself to miss one session per week....but just one.

2) Make sure I use my leave time for adventures.

Billy is keen on purchasing a camper-van, so I need to stop using my leave to putter around the house and the pottery studio.

3) Eat sensibly to lose 10 pounds.

Hopefully, with all the running, I can skip rigorous dieting, but I still need to watch portion size, skip Hagen-Daz and avoid refined carbs and sugar. (Now 125 lbs and BMI 23. Target 115.)