Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wow, I got to meet one of my heroes today - Adam Tinkoff of the Burning Twenty podcast!

It was initially a bit strange. I know so much about him, yet I'm just a lowly fan, but he was incredibly warm and engaging and soon we were chatting like old friends meeting up after a long absence!

On a beautiful cool sunny day, we ran for a hour stopping off to do the tourist thing at the Albert Memorial and Diana Fountain in Hyde Park... but I barely noticed the 5 miles.

Adam has boundless energy but approaches life/running/business with a very relaxed and human view, his optimistic outlook was infectious and I understand why people perk up when he's around or they listen to his podcast. A very genuine guy.


mrjwhit~ said...

Toni, Adam is great guy. I've only chatted with him via web, but hes' a top shelf kind of guy for sure.

I like your blog and will be linking it in the future.

Gordon Scott said...

Adam seems to be getting around his fans in GB! I'm just been reading Petra's blog and he's just been doing the same thing. Hope you and your family are well -Gordon (from Tiree, ref., WWHM)

Toni said...

Hi again Gordon! When will you get down to London to run with Adam. I hope to loop around the park again with him. Nigel almost made it last week but had to cancel. Are you doing th WWHM again this year? We've not yet decided on a race.

Hi Mr j Whit - thanks for reading my blog!

Gordon Scott said...

Yes, WWHM for me again this year. I have a 10k in May and my training is going very badly. The weather here has been awful for weeks and weeks. (At the weekend we had gusts of over 70 mph). However, mustn't use that as an excuse. Nearer WWHM time I'll get you to remind me where you got your wickable t-shirt. Cheers!

Toni said...

Gordon, I used, but I liked the idea of the photo shirt - and the contact was in PDIP show notes for the company. I may try to do one for the White Peak Half in May, so I can let you know which one is better by Oct. Good luck with the 10K in May!