Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

Wow, 2012 year flew by! Licence Round, talks at conferences and the resumption of fracking decision.

Christmas was incredibly wet and miserably cold, but I loved celebrating at home with the family and all the traditional stuff - wrapping packages, stockings, music boxes and making cookies.  We got in a walk on Boxing Day - the one break in the rain - classic pose, Ali texting as we walked.

So New Years Day is today and its resolution time:

1) The diet and gym thing, of course.  Stay on target until I visit Mom in Feb - no EXCUSES!

2) Put work aside. It's so easy to slip into answering work emails on the weekend and on leave days.  And hard to say no to more meetings, squeezing out potential leave. So I resolve to book out my annual leave this year in my calendar and PROTECT it - and actually take it.

3) Data management. I've been pretty good backing up personal stuff - music, audiobooks and photos, but I've got a huge backlog of work emails and files that need to be properly archived at work.... but not to do in my leave time (2!) again.

4)  Running... hmm, not much there but the couple of miles with the dog a few times a week. Really the dog and I would both benefit from more regular runs.  But it is a joy to be healthy - no plantar fasciatis or sore achilles. When I was running more I always had tweeks that threatened to be chronic. So once there's more light, I resolve to start running from the gym to work again - find the balance.

5) Enjoy my days, treasure confidences and snuggles with the kids, laughs and holding Billy.