Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At the VW fair

Surely they lost a letter?
 Easter Anglesey Campervan Trip
Lunch break!

The coastal path

We started the holiday week at at VW fair - way too many stickers and tatoos on sale, but pretty cool to look at the old VWs.  We need to get some beads to hang from the rear view mirror!
The weather held for 6 perfect days walking around the coast of Anglesey.  Despite the half term week and   my fear of crowds we rarely saw anyone and found a couple of wild campsites.
Wild camp at RSPB site

Dinner preparations
Both of us struggled with rotten colds, so we only walked 3 hrs a day, then read in the garden in glorious sun at country pubs, or in grassy meadows. Rain arrived before our last planned section by Beaumaris, but I'm glad we'll have a chance to go back again

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Work work work...

My running has been dismal. Arriving at the office by 7:30 and dark evenings, its only just the last month that I've been running again.  And without a base, my achilles is slowing me down (as is the extra weight).

But with both kids signed up for the Swift Half in May, I want to run too!