Monday, February 11, 2008

9 Weeks to go...

Still struggling with plantar fasciitis pain after the hills of Watford.

But I managed to find a VERY flat section along the Grand Union Canal near Rickmansworth which is a big improvement on the Chiltern Hills where I usually run. So Sunday's 6 miles felt pretty good. This week my plan is MODERATE AND CONSISTENT - 5 or 6 miles every day avoiding hills. I'll get my 35 miles in this week without a long run.

Looking at new shoes and may upset my brother-in-law and get some Nike shoes when I'm in the states next week. Described as "State of the art cushioning, the Nike Air Zoom Vomero+2 Running Shoe features a breathable mesh upper with an external, anatomically shaped heel counter and dynamic-fit technology to help with bunion problems. A women's specific radiused crash pad provides premium support and cushioning, while a women's fitsole sockliner delivers a supreme fit. A Nike+ sensor pocket located in the arch area holds the sensor for your Apple iPod™ nano tightly". At the 2$/1£ exchange rate, they're not totally outrageously priced......temping


Petraruns said...

9 weeks! Are you following a Steve Runner-like moderate consistent plan? Is it keeping your plantar at bay? I may need some more info from you - my knee pain is bad again after a not so long run - 12M - at the weekend. So I may have to spread my mileage out a bit for a while..

babciaruns said...

The weeks are just slipping by and want to congrat you on the Half. Ouch with the blisters!
On the shoes, I'm a Nike foot but now I'm needing a bit more support so wearing the Nike Zoom Air Triax. They seem to be doing the trick and my feet are much happier than when I am wearing the Muzimo for longer runs.
Great blogs as usual! Keep running strong!
Enjoy your trip back to the US!