Sunday, April 06, 2008

One week to go. (aarg!!)

Back in London after a glorious beach week in Marathon(!!?) Florida with the in-laws. A pretty lazy holiday - beach, pool, fishing, eating out, reading and messing about with laptops, with day trips to Key West and the Turtle Hospital. I can't imagine how people run during the day in Florida - it is so hot and humid... even fishing and diving seem strenuous. We did all our running before 8am!

It is hard to re-focus on the big day. I feel like a slacker cutting back on mileage as I taper.

I'm having some pain in my Achilles after runs so I've been icing and I taped down the heel tabs on my shoes. I hope it does not become a serious problem on race day.

But all in all, I feel like I'm ready! I've had great emails from Tory, Mary and John Ellis regarding race strategy and my plan now is to run my own race, ignoring the pacing groups and run a 10:40 pace on my Garmin. I'm going to try to skip the walk breaks which I've used in my long training runs, but may resort to using them if it gets really tough. I understand it snowed last weekend in London while we were away... I hope next weekend is not too cold, but that's better than too hot, I guess!


Ovens2Betsy said...

Best of luck Toni! I'll be rooting for 'ya.

SLB said...

Hoping you have a great fact as off now you're probably started!

Something for the recovery then: