Saturday, November 22, 2008

Santa Belly Challenge to lose 10 lbs between 20 Nov and Christmas

With swimsuit time threatening on the horizon (a trip to Mexico in January) it is time to make another dedicated effort to slim down. Join my online challenge at Buckeyeoutdoors!

I'm a bit ashamed to admit to admit that I'm back to low-carb, as Atkins is anathema to the running community. But I know it works. It's really the only way I've been successful in losing a significant amount of weight. And I'm not doing any serious running training, just the commute run 3-4 miles across London, and weekend dog runs and I seem to have enough energy for those. I'm not doing any speed work, hill climbs or long runs until after Christmas.

So far its gone well and I managed to get through the first week without the headaches I sometime get when my body goes into ketosis. I did read that people that travelled with the Alaskan Inuit and ate their blubber-based diet, found that it took a couple of weeks for their bodies to adapt to burning fat instead of glucose. But then they claim that their endurance came back- and they were dragging heavy sledges across the ice with ease. Hmm, I just have to drag myself to work in the morning or keep up with the dog.

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Petraruns said...

Ghana, Mexico - hopefully you'll be able to take some nice pictures for us? Will try and find your challenge - I am certainly still lacing my fingers over my Santa belly so can do with any help I can find..