Sunday, August 16, 2009

Just back from a great Barefoot Running class run by John Woodward and Janet Dutton. The highlight of the class was a beautiful run across the sands and tidal channels of the Duddon Estuary. It was Nelly's first time swimming! Tom Urry filmed us all running on pavement in running shoes and barefoot on the grass. (clearly the photo's not of me, but a better runner!)

A great group of people attended the class and we debated the conspiracy theories re shoe design, Vibram 5-fingers and the book "Born to Run" by Chris McDougall. Tales of incredible ultra-marathons from "Loony" Tom. In lectures, proto-bondage sessions with neoprene cuffs and bungee cords, we all practiced the movements that should have resulted in the perfect stride - with arched toes, landing softly on the forefoot, stroking the ground....Ahh, I know what I should do now... just have to do it!

The comparison of my normal heel strike with tense shoulders to the upright fluid form I had running barefoot. Click on the box and then triangle to see a 3 sec video.

I'm not sure I'm ready to throw away my trainers for my run on concrete across London every day, but I will work to try to land on my forefoot instead of my heels and hopefully avoid the Achilles pain that has been troubling me.

Billy, Nelly and I went on to have a glorious week walking in the Lake District despite occasional rain (a great excuse to explore new pubs...)


RoadBunner said...

That class sounds quite interesting! I know I've got horrible running form!

pathfinder said...

I honestly didn't see a huge difference in the video...of course it was only 3 seconds and probably not a fair comparison because it seemed more of a sprinting run rather than a relaxed run.

It seems when one is sprinting, there is some need for upper body help through muscle action but not so much in longer distance running..other than core strength of course.

I also find that running on the toes does put pressure on my archilles more than landing midfoot. The difference is my legs brake less when landing and pushing off on the toes. so faster pace and less fatigue.

Sorry i missed the round table....the surgey was something that was rescheduled relatively quick and it kept me away from my computor at work.

Perhaps I can catch up the next time.

Missi Baker said...

Hi Toni, cool little video, and interesting information! So do you like running in bare feet better than with shoes? I still wear the MBT shoes you gave me. Two people at the gym have asked about them. :) I think they do make me work harder when I walk... Still trying to get your great calves.