Friday, December 04, 2009

Last night was the Stitch and Bitch (Knit club) Christmas party. Will and PoshTater cooked us an AMAZING vegetarian feast!
We all went home with Secret Santa wool and a challenge to show our resultant creations at the next mtg in the new Year.
Really a fun group, left to right - Nicola, Mary, Sue, Niki, me, Danielle, Lauren, Zarich, Will and Elizabeth.
Oh yeah, and Parsnip the dog!


Stuart said...

too funny...although I was half expecting a a post about your new found love for speed work!

Missi Baker said...

Cute photo. What have you knit recently? I haven't knit anything for about four years (since I started teaching online). I used to knit while we were watching TV in the den, now I'm on my computer all the time. I finished the fourth book in that series you and Linnie got me last February. I have to squeeze them in between book club requirements. I am enjoying them, though. Brianna is back with them in North Carolina, and is getting married to Roger, who followed her back. Thanks again for that gift! See you in February at mom's!

Missi Baker said...

Toni, do you know if it's possible to upload .pdf files here?