Thursday, August 05, 2010

So, I've bailed out of being the RRT scheduler/coordinator. After almost 100 episodes, I just realised that I was spending too much time WORRYING about getting it right and getting frustrated when thing went wrong at the last minute despite my best efforts. So I told everyone I was burned out and asked for help. And the funny thing is that I should have done it a long time ago.

It seems that people wanted to do more, but didn't want to step on my toes. And that my holding all the potential co-hosts confidential meant that only I could match up interests. So now with a Runners Round Table Googlegroup and Googlecalendar - it can all happen "in the cloud". I'm so relieved that I didn't have to hand it all off to someone else... its been my baby for two years!

And the timing is great! Billy and I leave next week for a campervan trip to the very northern tip of Scotland  (John O'Groats ) for a fortnight. We'll stay a couple of nights with a wood-turner Billly's keen to meet, and then wander west into the Scottish Highlands.

I'll need to keep at my running schedule, with the Bristol Half Maraton only a month away, but I think that will be pretty easy with no other committments for two weeks!


Stuart said...

Let me be the first to thank you for all your contributions!

I can only imagine how tricky a job it has been...enjoy your spare time!

Lesley said...

Yes, thanks for all you've done for the RRT! You've created a wonderful podcast community around it, and I've really enjoyed participating on occasion.

Enjoy your well-earned trip, and best of luck in the race!

Petraruns said...

It's amazing how this kind of stuff works - but you have truly made a massive contribution to runners everywhere by getting this off the ground and doing it as well and as long as you have. Thank you!

And isn't it a wonderful feeling when this massive commitment is finally gone and you are free? Enjoy your holiday, see you in October.

Christina said...

You have done so much for RRT. Thank you! I'm glad that you were able to speak up and everything falls into place. Have a great trip to Scotland. I've been there once and loved it. Apple something or other (can't remember the name of the town)on the coast was simply wonderful.