Monday, January 02, 2012

2011 Christmas week in the Algarve, Portugal.

A great break from the dark and dreary rain in London. Despite the Easyjet ordeal, Ali, Billy and I we're happy to find that the RCI swap resort was a nice one, and our two-bedroom unit perched on a cliff overlooked the sea. With internet access (if you sat in one chair only?)!

On Christmas morning we found a church service ongoing in the Ilbuferia old town, but realised that it didn't mean much to us in Portuguese.  But the atmosphere and people-watching were great.  Billy and Ali enjoyed the Cataplana served in a copper lidded pod with clams and pork, while I revelled in the carb offerings ( a glorious week off my diet!)

By the time Nick arrived (after spending Christmas with Kat's family) we were ready to venture out in our tiny Panda car and Billy found us two great walks in the mountains.  The weather was perfect, cool and sunny and we couldn't understand why most of the holiday units were closed up - but appreciated the lack of crowds!  

 The only liability of walking in the mountains of Portugal is the dogs! We were barked at from every house, and the packs in the villages scared Ali who remembered the risk of rabies in India.  But we came to the rescue of a puppy that wanted to follow us, and had to re-enforce the owner's gate with plywood taken from a neighbour's shed... I wonder what they'll think?

And we made it home in time to hear the New Years Eve fireworks snug in our very own bed!

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Petraruns said...

What a fabulous inspiring holiday - I love your Christmas holidays. Always makes me think that's what I want to do when the kids are a little older (and we don't need to cart LARGE boxes of lego around...). Just bought the bread book Billy recommended, am going to get my starter going tonight..

Love to you all!