Sunday, June 03, 2007

June 1st 07 Trip to Norfolk

A three-day weekend challenge - how far can you get away from home without spending too much time travelling? Norfolk was a great solution. Leaving home at 9am on Friday we made it to our campground in Holt by lunchtime. Here's Billy geared up for a walk, with the ipod and headphones, gps and camera. OK, so I'm just as bad with ipod, blackberry and camera, but I lack the nifty pockets and hide my stuff in my backback .

We ate our sandwiches in the campground and started a circular walk but I pulled a muscle in my leg climbing down a sandy slope, and it really bothered me on the second half of the 10 miles we walked. Back in the campervan that night, I crashed by 8pm, but fortunately woke the next day feeling fine.
Saturday we headed up to Holkham Bay and tried to find a place to camp away from the heaving crowds at Wells-next-to-the-sea. Finally, we spotted a little field with a few tents on a back road and Billy managed to convince the grumpy owner to let us stay. We planned a long circular walk around the Holkham Estate, looping out to the sea and back. One of those days where you're always packing and un-packing, pulling the jumper back on away from shelter from the wind. But the sun was glorious and we finally emerged on to the salt marsh, where Nelly and I had a bit of a run.

Then we crossed the dunes onto the beach and encountered thick fog, a bit spooky listening to shrieking children in the distance and occasionally glimpsed horseback riders cantering along near the surf. Billy dropped his GPS and I was sure it was gone for good, but we circled back and he found it! Nelly loves to run on the beach, there is something about the sea breeze and soft sand underfoot that makes her prance about,tossing up bits of seaweed.
A fancy dinner at the Lord Nelson Pub was a treat. Back to work and commuting tomorrow!


Jonathan said...

What a wonderful weekend adventure full of great hiking! You do a great job of relating the highlights and sharing a few great photos. Glad to hear Nelly enjoyed running on the beach.

Brian Thomas said...

Those are some great photos! I really like the one of you and your dog running in the distance.