Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Cheddar Gorge, Sommerset 15-16 June 2007

Despite the dire weather prediction, we decided to head out to see the Mendips. We stayed the first night at a campground off the M5 that was nicely deserted, but as the background noise died down at night, we figured out why... the road noise was unbearable. Sleeping with the ipod on was the only recourse.
The next day we did a 10 mile walk looping around Cheddar Gorge. We managed to miss most of the rain sheltered under trees, but an ice cream/beer stop at the end was perfectly timed to poke around in the touristy shops in town while it rained. Scouting sites to camp wild up the canyon we chanced on a National Trust dead end property- perfect- rolling hills and quiet with only a few dog walkers for company.
I think this is the area where the Mendip Muddle is run in October, but the club website does not give a map. So the second day of the trip we tried to scout where Nick and I will run the World Wide Half - even if we don't know exactly where we will run. I assume it will be somewhere along the Mendip Way walking path? The last night we found a great place to stay - it felt like we had a secluded site on a golf course.

We'll come back here with Nick. Then we walked on the beach south of Weston-Sur- Mare before trying to have lunch with Ali for Father's day. A bit of a fiasco. We got to her place at 10am as planned, but no one answered the door. Finally Billy climbed in the window and spoke with one of her roommates who said she did not come home! Finally we located her and had lunch but she looked worse for wear after the Bristol end of year ball the night before... ah foolish youth - to plan to meet your parents the morning after a planned big night out!


Brian Thomas said...

Is that a Eurovan pictured? Looks like a nice setup.

You've inspired me to post my thoughts on fundraising on my blog one of these days. I've had some luck with minor donations from some companies (sunglasses, hats, etc.) and am trying to use them as incentives so it seems less like I'm just asking for money. It is sort of tough since it seems like a lot of people are fund raising lately.

Drusy said...

Brian, its a VW "California", but ironically, only available in Europe. Strange, as I think it would be very popular in the US?

I'm a amateur potter, so perhaps I need to get into serious coffee-cup production to fund the Marathon Gold Bond...