Monday, July 02, 2007

Mostly naked raku pots

We leave on Saturday for a three weeks holiday, driving through France in the camperan to the Italian Dolomites with Nelly to walk in the mountains. I'm taking my running shoes!

Last weekend Billy had set up a backdrop to do some macro photos and I convinced him to take photos of some of the pots I've made. I keep meaning to do it before I ship them out as gifts.

Some of the raku pots I won't give away, like the pumpkin pot (above) that won the craft show at work. They don't get many potters, so I was in the category with jam and dolls. How can they possibly judge a pot versus jam? But but to my suprise, I won the whole show and there were some really nice paintings and photos. Won a £10 book token and a rosette like a prize cow.

And here's the raku pot that Nick decorated - its pretty cool. I carved the geologic time scale in this stoneware bowl with cobalt slip for Nick.
I'm quite pleased with my very first teapot that I'm sending to Jewell for her birthday. The shape is perfect, I think, but it is pretty heavy stoneware, but it doesn't drip! And the little jar that Ali made (and I made a lid for) is the only thing she's ever thrown on the wheel.

These are both quite large t-material raku pots. The naked one one left has a lovely reddish stain from mahogany sawdust smoke.

These are little pencil jars out of porcelain that surived the thermal shock of raku.
I have to admit that I have not done much pottery since we got the campervan. I need to get back to it again this summer when it is warm to raku fire outside!


Adam said...

I LOVE THEM. You are such a wonder Drusy. Those ceramic pots are precious. Enjoy your ride south to the Mountains. We can't wait to see your glorious pictures.

Petraruns said...

Drusy - they are just beautiful! What a gift you have and how amazingly you use it! Lovely. Can't wait for the photos from your trip - enjoy and happy running!

babciaruns said...

Absolutly beautiful work. You are a very talented woman. Thank you for sharing them. Have a great time on your trip in France and hope the weather is better there than here in the UK.

P.O.M. said...

Those are gorgeous!