Thursday, March 20, 2008

Three Weeks to go
With an Easter storm promised I ran my 19.45 mile last long run on Thursday. But honestly, I feel like I could have kept on going... until I sat in the car and my legs started cramping up. Probably not a very safe drive home! 3 hr 40 min 11:17 ave pace, which included a stop at the Rickmansworth Sailing Club toilets. So now I'm in taper mode! Nelly kept me company and we managed to do most of the run before the rain hit, but Nelly was still a mess from puddles along the canal.

Ali and I ran a 10K race in the sleet and snow today (Saturday). It was ridiculous, really, we should have stayed home, but we feel pretty smug now that its over. Ali didn't wear the gloves or hat I gave her, so she really froze! Ali finished in 58:44 and I followed at 59:20. The winning woman, Liz Hartney ran in 37:38
Hmm.. a bit faster!

Nike + was useless!! I had the sensor in my trail shoes linked with the sensor, and only remembered to link it with my other shoes once we were waiting for the start. The receiver couldn't link to my shoes because there were too many other nike+ sensors about!!! So 6 miles I can't count in Nike+ challenges

Easter Sunday is a well deserved rest day! Bring on the chocolate!


Petraruns said...

Lovely photos and well done on the run and the race! You'll all there now - just keep it together for another 3 weeks - I will be watching it all on telly and cheering you on!

ShirleyPerly said...

Sounds like you're more than ready for your marathon. Great job knocking out that last long run and running that 10K in sleet & snow! Wow, I can't imagine how cold that must have been.

Thanks for the well wishes on my blog!