Sunday, March 02, 2008

Mothers Day Run - 6 weeks to go

OK I admit, I did have to offer to pay him £50, and he's a super-broke postgrad student, but think that Nick did enjoy our 16 mile run today. (UK Mother's day is not the same as USA). He did mention that most his friends just had to endure a long Sunday lunch....

Beautiful day running along the canal. Nick was not keen on the run/walk method and found it hard to get into the rhythm after walking a minute each mile. But he offered to run another training run if we could run it. I'll give it a try!

I brought him some AirAide back from the states on Marci's suggestion, as he suffers from allergies/asthma, and he thinks it helped, so THANKS Marci! With the FFT tape on my foot, the plantar fasciitis is not a really problem anymore, which is a huge relief!

A good start to the week, and I hope to get in a few more 6-8 mile long runs this week before moving up to an 18 mile target for next weekend's long run.


CewTwo said...

Hi Drusy!

Nice blog!

Listen, on Adam Tinkoff's Another Runner 200 mile challenge, I wasn't putting it down. I thought you were doing great! Now, however, you have surpassed the mark and are moving up quickly through the ranks!


Charlie (Q2)

Drusy said...

I knew that! Thanks.

Marci Glotzer said...

You're so welcome, Drusy! Keep up the good work!

babciaruns said...

Hey Drusy! You are doing great and keep whatever works to help you through those long runs. Counting down those weeks with you!

Run strong!

Who is SLB+? said...

Nice job on the 16 miler, you're looking in good shape for London.

To answer your Hammer questions, Perpetuem is suggested for >2hr up to multi day events, Sustained Energy is used for similar events, the big difference is in theor composition SE is 87% carbs and Pep is 75% carbs, either way you'll be in great shape. I think you ordered through my link so thanks I am glad they're working out for you.