Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A new plan for training! 29 July 2008

I've been struggling recently to get lunchtime runs in between meetings. And it has been hot in London the last few weeks. So starting tomorrow, I'm going to dress in my running kit and take my usual train ride at 6:30 am, half an hour to London Marylebone... but this is the new part... I'm going to run to work instead of taking the three tube rides I take normally. I bet I can get there in about the same time! OK, I'll have to add a bit of time to shower and change into work clothes, but it just might solve my run/work.life balance problem.
My "body sculpting for women" is not producing the outstanding results promised by the book of that name, either. Probably the same root cause, I'm just not getting the workouts done. I've noticed a woman the last two nights going home on the train who is not young, but looks fit and one can't help but notice that she has arm muscles. Not the super-obvious, Madonna-like "I workout in the gym 4 hrs a day" kind, but just nice "I take care of my body" ones. So, I'm inspired to keep working at lifting, too.


SUB6 said...

good luck ... sounds like a great plan.

Maddy said...

You will be an inspiration to the people of London as you run to work! Keep us updated on how it goes!

I also want those arms too! Not crazy huge, but more of a "yeah, I got 'em" type.