Wednesday, August 06, 2008

9 Weeks till the Mendip Muddle 6 August 2008

Thanks to Nigel, Nick's trendy fixed gear city bike has a WWH sticker. But he's not had any luck in challenges to his buff climber friends to join us. Once he says he's running with his mother.... oh well.

I've built up my base and only occasionally feel the plantar fasciitis tweek, so now it is time to start on the weekly long runs again.

This weekend Billy and I are off to Olso, where I'm giving a paper at the 33rd International Geological Congress. I've never been to Norway, so it will be an adventure.
I've looked at mapmyrun for some ideas of where to fit in a 5-6 mile run before the conference start. I'll get a better idea of the terrain in GoogleEarth but I've not yet had the time to check it.
Worrying more about what to wear... typical. I should be worrying about my talk!

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