Friday, August 22, 2008

It was spitting rain when I rode my bike to the station and took the train to London. Getting out at Marylebone it started to rain and I considered taking the underground to work instead of running, but I'd been listening to QN "Sage goes to the Dentist" on the train ( a great episode) and I was in a mood for rain. Maybe it was the coffee, or the podcast or just the quiet London streets, but I felt unreasonably happy. They were setting up the tents in Hyde Park for the Olympic handoff to the London 2012 games and I somehow felt a part of it running past. The only place I had to wait for a light was at Wellington Arch behind Buckingham Palace, and as the rain poured down two other runners joined me, waiting for the light to change. They also had their earbuds in. We stomped around together for a minute and then shared an incredibly warm grin. Crazy people, out running in the rain at 7am - but loving it! (photo from my office on Victoria Street looking at New Scotland Yard)


Pathfinder said...

I love running in the rain!

Alisa said...

You're crazy, I HATE the rain. I'm such a California wimp =).

Must be so inspiring to run past places you know will be part of the next Olympics!