Monday, January 28, 2008

11 weeks 'till the London Marathon!

Here's Nelly and me after Sunday's 9 mi run (note the snowdrops just to the right of Nelly!) It was a beautiful weekend, and without the rain, the birds are chirping and it feels like Spring!

I made it above 30 miles last week and although 26 miles still seems impossible, feel like I'm ready for the Watford Half Marathon that Nick and I are running next Sunday.

I lost my Blackberry while running on Sunday - what a bummer! It would be one thing if it was mine, but its from work! I went back with a flashlight to try to find it on the trail, calling occasionally in open spaces when I could not remember exactly where I ran. It rang the first few times, and then I got the message that this mobile phone has been switched off. So someone found it... now the question is whether it is someone who will call the reward number on the back or sell it on ebay. I guess I'm just carrying to much stuff - Nano, Garmin, dog poop bags, buscuits, lead, and now the Iriver too. I wish had had not just put it on the belt, but zipped it into a pocket! And I MISS IT!!! (very sad)


Petraruns said...

You're doing great! I lost my Blackberry in a skiing accident and someone actually found it and returned it so I hope the Blackberry Karma works.. On the other hand, best to block your account for the time being..

Good luck with it all - the weeks are counting down now. And good luck next week with the half!

MarathonChris said...

My company requires us to password our blackberry so the info cannot be accessed if it is lost.

Lost my drivers license and some cash on a run - both were returned to the local police department.

Let's hope a friendly runner has found it!